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Jeanne and Jim

Innsitting, Consulting & Software Services
After spending many years in the corporate and consulting worlds, and many years investigating owning and operating a B&B, we took the plunge in 2002 and purchased the Thomas Shepherd Inn in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, a 6-room B&B in a small but surprisingly cosmopolitan town about 75 miles from Washington, D.C. We had a good run with the business, increasing our revenue and ADR and maintaining a top TripAdvisor rating.

In this third part of our careers, we are innsitting and consulting for others in the hospitality industry. Please check here for rates and availability.

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Rates and Availability

Innsitting:   Due to the variable nature of B&Bs and innsitter duties, our rates are flexible and individualized. We generally start with a base rate of $150/day and charge an additional $10/day per occupied room. You can expect to pay between 30% and 40% (weekly) of your gross revenue or approximately $200 to $250 daily. We (and our backs and knees) are now at ages where we require our client inns to have housekeeping staff for turning over rooms and general inn cleaning. We generally do not charge travel expenses unless your inn is more than 4 hours drive from our home base. Please ask about specific availability.

Consulting and Support Services:   We can provide operational or technical consulting services for your B&B, including website support, at a rate of $50/hour. We can provide marketing support (writing website content, blog posts, and handling social media activities) for $35/hour.
All rates are negotiable and may change at any time without notice.